Maine coon kittens

We welcome you, the visitor of our site, and hope that this time will not pass for you in vain. After all, a Maine Coon kitten, if you get it, will bring you a whole waterfall of joy and fun.
He loves to play, he will tirelessly run after a toy on a string or a laser pointer.
And how he sleeps, curled up in a ball, and if you stroke him, he purrs hilariously and exposes his tummy to you, as if saying: stroke me, stroke … I really like it.
Maine Coon in your home will bring you a lot of joy and health, and we will be very happy if our site will help you choose one of our funny kittens.


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Maine Coon Babies – Hamburg

Am 27.01.2022 wurden bei uns wunderschöne Maine-Coon-Babies geboren – eine reine MädchenBand – und eine bunter als die andere. Die Farben sind: black tortie (smoke?) – Blue (silver?) torbie sowie… Read More »

Maine Coon kitten

Available for sale girl Tanna May Goog LodMein Maine Coon breed, affectionate beauty, with excellent pedigree data. Can be considered as a breed or as a pet. Cattery: Good LodMein… Read More »

Maine Coon male – golden sun

Cattery “Silver Oks” WCF offers for sale a very promising kitten (male) of the Maine Coon breed. The kitten’s parents meet the breed standard. The kitten has a microchip, vaccines,… Read More »

Maine Coon Kätzchen zu verkaufen.

Maine Coon Kätzchen zu verkaufen. Schwarzes Maine Coon Kätzchen aus der Cattery zu verkaufen. Das Kitten hat eine Ahnentafel, Verkauf zur Zucht ist möglich. Lieferung in jede beliebige Stadt in… Read More »

Maine coon kitten black smoke (ns)

Very cute Maine Coon kitten for sale. Such a charming beauty was born in our cattery. The kitten has a pedigree, an international veterinary passport, a chip. More detailed information… Read More »