Maine Coon Kittens in Russia

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Pretty sweet Maine Coon girl

Monobreed nursery offers girl Ulmira Good LodMein with excellent pedigree data. Pedigree of the WCF system. It can be considered for breeding and for pets. Worldwide shipping at buyer’s expense.… Read More »

Charming Maine Coon girl

The beautiful Maine Coon girl Ursalina Good LodMein, black harlequin color is offered for breeding, can also be considered as a favorite. The girl is affectionate, friendly, will be your… Read More »

Maine Coon kitten for sale

Monobreed cattery offers a Maine Coon kitten, color blue marble on silver. Sizzy Good LodMein is a very gentle beautiful kitten. Looking for his family. Will be glad to meet… Read More »

Maine Coon girl for sale

Eskra Good LodMein – a Maine Coon girl is offered as a pet, it can also be considered for breeding. Very affectionate girl, loves to sit on the handles and… Read More »

Maine Coon kitten available

Sizzy Good LodMein is available for booking, may be considered for breeding (shadet lines) Affectionate child. Cattery: Good LodMein Breeder: Oksana Koltsova Country: Russia Tel: +79213819435 Email: click here Website:… Read More »