Maine Coon kittens in cattery Fire Stone

The cattery offers Maine Coon kittens for sale.
On the site of our cattery ( ) there is a large selection of kittens. We do not sell kittens under 4 months old. All kittens of the cattery are vaccinated, have a microchip, an international veterinary passport. All our kittens are registered in WCF. We have extensive experience in sending kittens around the world. We use the services of experienced couriers. We have recommendations from the US and EU countries.

Babes Maine Coon

Wurf “L”. In unserem cattery wurden schöne Maine Coon Kätzchen geboren. 3 Katzen und 1 Kater. Geburtsdatum ist der 8.Dezember 2020. Unser Cattery befindet sich in der Ukraine. Die Kosten… Read More »